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Welcome to Alen Geere!

What We Do

Analog Pedals

We produce modern and vintage, handmade, boutique analog guitar effect pedals which are designed originally and we use the most qualified components in our products.


We produce attenuators for tube amps which have special compound wired resistances, resistive, transparent and which are at the power level wanted by our customers.

Power Supplies

We produce proffesional, isolated, filtered, full regulated and short circuit protected great power units for analog and digital effect pedals to work at their best  level.


We produce cables and accessories that create pratic solutions to switching, used at signal routing and designing pedals boards and also used with our other products.

Custom Shop

We produce special projects according to your needs which are visually and auditory designed as you want or we modify one of our products to the form that you want it to be.

Latest Products

  • Buffer


    Alen Geere® buffer is a line driver/amplifier that operates in 1:1 ratio. It doesn't increase,…
  • LEADer


    Imagine that there are wide stages, huge speaker cabines, max volume tube amps that gives…
  • Loverdrive


    Alen Geere Loverdrive has 3 gain stages and it is designed for middle and high…
  • Junkie


    The Junkie is a small compact clean booster/preamp powered by a single JFET transistor in…

Recent Posts

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

Please follow the steps about troubles before you contact with us about…
Workshop Production

Workshop Production

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Power Requirements

Power Requirements

Here are Alen Geere® product's power requirement details. All products requires 9V…