This pedal is the one of the limited run “Crop Circles” series. They include our unique “Lydian” booster. We have carely prepared it with rare aged wooden faceplates. This piece has “Honduran Rosewood”.

Alen Geere Lydian is a full range class A booster based on a rare USSR Russian Mosfet device. It has purely flat frequency response and suitable for both bass and guitar use.

We design it to use in three modes;

This is the kind of pedal you always wanted! It brings out all your guitar’s natural flavors. It gives unity gain at minimum position of Gain control. This is the “Clean” mode.

It can really kick any pedal placed after it in signal chain. For more saturated solo tones, tight lows and more musical highs, getting Les Paul like sounds from a strat etc. You are on the right way! It can be set as a gritty boost at middle positions of the Gain control. This is the “Hot” mode.

It also has ability to fatten up your tone and punish your amp tubes if you let. It acts like a mid-gain overdrive and burn your tubes fore more musical tube overdrive. Sound is amazing! You can get 27 dB of cranked boost at maximum Gain setting. This is the “Cranked” mode.

Just watch the video and see how it reacts to guitar's volume control.

This pedal can cause to finger injuries, times without family, or makes you higher and stagedive.

P.S. The tube “burning” and “punishment” cases that we are talking about are just manner of telling examples. Our products do not damage your tubes or any other devices. Finger injuries can only caused by playing guitars continuously for a very long time. And If you really think about jumping from the stage, please take security precautions.

#314 Crop Circles - Lydian Booster Pedal

  • $139.00

  • Ex Tax: $139.00

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