This pedal does not exactly have a fuzz topology. But the tone is so close to the fuzz sound, so we put this name on it.

It includes two Jfet gain stages that biased for maximum saturation. There is also a muff type passive tone stack between the stages.

3 position toggle switch determines the mid frequencies level. Input level and tone range can be controlled by two knobs.

The gain level is extremely high, so we put the NOS germanium diodes in last stage to lower the output and get vintage clipping.

It's really unique and perfect choice for original recording and album sounds.

This is a single one-off pedal, but we can produce a new one for you. Enclosure and design options available.

#325 Fet-Fuzz Pedal

  • $139.00

  • Ex Tax: $139.00

Tags: alen geere, one-off, booster, guitar, custom, mini, pedal, woody


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