• LEADer

Imagine that there are wide stages, huge speaker cabines, max volume tube amps that gives the most tasty sound and the legend Rock tone of 80′s.

Maybe we can’t design your room like a stage and make you have the same atmosphere but you can have this legend guitar sound with LEADer!

We worked for years to transfer the 100W Super Lead form to low voltaged and transistor level by “Tube to FET” and our own parameters and formulas. We designed this pedal with the parameters that is bypassed on original amp and stable with special fiters to save the tone that is wanted and not to sound out of the spectrum that is wanted.

Gain knob controls the Preamp gain and the Volume knob controls the volume just like an attenuator controls the volume of a tube amp.

Lo-hi toggle switch makes the capasitor bypass which is called bright cap and in all of classical amps. So you can have a darker tone from the low gain levels. The capasitor is bypassed again at the high gain levels and does not effect the tone.

Cab-Line toggle switch allows you the choose the sound of the amp’s line out output or the tone that has deep low frequencies and that is sounded by 4×12 cabs.

The biggest feature of the pedal is push-pull clipping with rich harmonics. You can reach 2 trimpots by opening the back cover. By these trimpots you can have tones from the legend Slash tone from the AFD ablum to classical AC/DC tones.

As it gives you the Super Lead tone in your home, it doesn’t lose its character at the high volumes at stages especially for middle frequencies. With its dominant  character it makes the amps “Hot-Rod”.

LEADer presenst you the Super Lead amp with high resolution and articulated low frequencies, more gain and sensivity, controlable feed back and a volume that you can play at your home to your feet. But you should try to close your eyes when you hit the guitar strings.

Now available in limited run Black Edition!


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