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If you made a list of the most hyped pedals of all time, the Klon Centaur would easily sit at the very top. Since original run of this pedal ended in 2009, prices on used Klons have topped the $2,000 mark!

You often asked me to design a new pedal by specifying your additional needs and wishes. So, here is the our improved version in same topology. Crown Centaur is a re-make of the legendary Klon Centaur Overdrive. It includes all my knowledge and experience addition to its excellent sound. Again, it’s not exact copy of the pedal, you can completely get different tastes.

If we talk about original circuity, you can hear a lot about being unique, but in my opinion, this pedal was designed with inspiration from the Dod 250 and Maxon OD 820 pedals. So I don't need to be careful about the copyright of the pedal, also it's not produced anymore. But as a designer, i would like to thank the producers for bringing this pedal to the music industry. I don't know how to do it, but you're free to donate to the original owner.

You know the original pedal hype, let’s get back to what and why we extra do:

The pedal also has cool features in original. “GAIN” control simultaneously increases the gain and blends from clean signal to dirty. The saturation comes mainly from the OP amp saturation and than clipped with the Germanium diodes that gives the pedal its unique signature sound. We didn’t touch these nice features.

But we think that it’s not right to limit this beautiful pedal with a single clipping option. We have added 3-way “CLIPPING” switch for selection. At left position, you can use the pedal with Germanium diodes like original. We have used hand selected and measured special NOS germanium diodes fort he certain clipping voltage that cannot be purchased from the market today. They have more nicer taste from well known Germanium diodes.

The middle position deactivates clipping diodes to get non clipped fuller overdrive sound. It makes use of the entire headroom of the pedal. It’s best for pushing an amp but you should pay attention to the high volume level.

We have tried many different options for second clipping feature and made a decision on the mixture of silicon diodes and LEDs for softer clipping results. This allows the pedal to rest in a smoother tone. Please note that the diodes only enter the game when the gain is set moderate or high.

Another limitation of the original pedal is the tonal control. We have made improvements to this situation in two different ways.

We have added extra “BASS” knob. It controls amount of a low-pass filter that attenuates the harmonics over 106 Hz and adds some extra low-end to the final sound more than original version. It worked perfectly, but we also added another 3-way “MID” switch to control the mid-frequencies. It determines the cut-off frequency of treble control filter for better shaping of mid frequencies. Cut-off frequency is 430 Hz on upper position, 1 kHz at center and 191 Hz at lower position.

“VOLUME” knob still simply controls outpul level of the pedal and “TREBLE” knob controls the active high-pass shelving equalizer. Boost or cut the frequencies determined by the “MID” switch.

Famous buffer section only active when pedal is on. It works totally as True-bypass.

Finally, here is the more versatile overdrive/boost pedal with amazing headroom that is improved to help you cut through the mix and get better results.

Crown Centaur

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