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No matter what you need and how you will use, if you looking for a pedal to improve your tone quality, don't miss out the Groovy Preamp!

There is advanced tone behind of a simple design. It has many abilities that vary acording to usage, so sure, it helps you while creating and fine tuning your signature tone.

First of all, it has up to 35 dB huge gain boost with adjustable saturation. So it can crank up your legendary preamp or best tube amp as hard as you want and helps you getting natural overdriven tube tone.

It stays pure clean and transparent as soon as you want. You can use it as a buffer at unity gain to reduce your signal's impedance and eleminating tonal loses caused by long cables and not engaged true-bypass pedals.

We developed the topology as a tube to fet adaptation preamp that powered by a mu-amp section and it's excellent characteristic. In this way you can get crystal clear sounds to fatten tone close to real tube with full of harmonics.

The 2-way eq section can be set by seperately. They don't interfere with each other's section. You can easily block unwanted frequencies or increase the sense of your favourite ones without loosing dynamics, rather than a classic eq pedals.

It can be the best assistance of you and your amp on the stage while fast compansation for different pair of guitars that loaded with unlike pickups.

A nice feature of the Groovy Preamp is that can also be used with other pedals to drive hard or take it's tonal features to a higher level.

We highly recommend the Groovy Preamp in all pedal setups need to get more pleasing to the ear.

Whatever genre you play, enjoy the Groovy Preamp, classic taste with modern feeling.

Groovy Preamp

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