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In 1987 Guns and Roses released their debut album "Appetite For Destruction" and changed rock music forever. For many guitarists and rock fans, Slash’s signature sound in this album represents the ultimate rock n’ roll guitar tone. They have always tried to imitate this tone.

He rented a special modified amp from S.I.R. (Studio Instrument Rentals in Los Angeles) and #36 was the amp that Slash used during the “AFD” studio recording sessions.

#36 was a modified 100W pre-master volume, regular (non-tremolo) Super Lead (Model 1959), “Metal Panel”-era (early ’70s) Marshall.

He loved the amp so much that, when S.I.R. wouldn’t agree to sell it to him, he invented a scheme to essentially “steal” the amp from them. After wrapping up the “Appetite” recordings, Slash told S.I.R. that the amp had been stolen so that he wouldn’t have to return it.

Slash kept the amp for a while until his roadie at the time made the mistake of bringing the amp to rehearsals at S.I.R. following the release of “AFD” in 1987. When the guys at S.I.R. recognized their amp, they took it back.

It very well might be one of the most influential, and mysterious, amps in Rock n’ Roll history...

The Marshall 100W Super Lead amplifier is also a legendary source of excellent guitar tone, it's sweet break up and aggressive edge made this amp the choice for many rock and electric blues guitar legends. But the modification made the Marshall very overdriven, essentially leaving it with extremely limited clean-tone (non-distorted) capabilities.

We aimed to achieve that saturated amp sound while designing the LEADer Mk.2. We made a lot of experiments to transfer the 100W Super Lead amplifier circuit topology to low voltage transistor operated level by our “Tube to FET” conversion method.

Finally, we believe that succeed in capture the "AFD" sound and want to keep its memory alive in LEADer mk.2 version.

The biggest goal of the LEADer is that it has the ability to simulate harmonically rich Class AB push pull power stage distortion of the #36 in a "pedal" form.

"Gain" knob controls the preamp gain and the "Master" knob sets the output level of the pedal just like an external power attenuator device connected to and controls the volume of the #36.

Rather than classic passive 3-knob tone stack, we designed an active high-pass filter stage to control low frequencies by "Bottom" knob. It definitely works in harmony with the passive low-pass filter to keep highs under control by "Top" knob.

We keep the traditional bright cap of the Super Lead placed on the "Gain" knob but it can be changed to two different values for a brighter and slightly punchier sound or disabled by the 3-way toggle switch. Remember that it will not be effective at high gain levels, especially after 12 o'clock position of the "Gain" knob.

We worked for months, tried many different transistors and opamps, and finally found the perfect sweet spot and got a great tone. We carefully select, measure and match all transistors by hand, and also bias the pedal for optimal settings to make sure that you have a great sounding pedal.

LEADer presenst you the Super Lead amp sound with high resolution and articulated low frequencies, more gain and sensivity.

I hope that it 's worth trying, and we can keep the spirit of 80's alive. Thanks #36!

This is just a tribute pedal. You can’t really get a certain amp sound by just a pedal. But you can stay close, according to your ears and gear. This is also not a signature pedal. Just designed by men who love 80s Rock n' Roll music. Marshall, Guns n' Roses, Slash and other names , trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names,trademarks and brands does not imply endorsement. You can find detailed info about #36 amp at here.

LEADer Mk.2

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