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Methoxy is a low to medium gain, tube-like overdrive pedal that we designed to get “Cranked 6V6 loaded tube amp” like tones.

Of course, if you want it clean, it stays clean with a remarkable headroom, and if you want to add a little dirt, there is also a low gain stage in clean mode. For more saturation, just activate the boost section to push the pedal harder. This way is perfect for solo partitions.

You can have lots of gain at first drive mode and plus more bass content at second mode. This is actually an option that determines how you will use the pedal. Methoxy can be used as a stand-alone mid gain overdrive into a clean amp or it can send your already driven amp to saturated level in it’s clean mode and maximum level setting.

Booster section affects the range of boosted frequencies by changing input impedance so it provides a smooth transition between wide range of a treble and a fat boost and adds some grit like on the tube amp’s output stage saturation. You can tweak the boost filter for your taste.

It also has a low-pass (treble cut) filter as a tone control at drive section that helps you to shaping high frequencies according to your gear.

At all modes and settings, you have increased dynamic range with high touch sensitivity and perfect articulation.

We used MOSFETs (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) in design for their wonderful sound and quality. And the name of “Methoxy” comes from there.

You can use Methoxy anywhere on your pedal board, but we highly recommend that placed first order after your guitar. It should be fed by sources that have high output impedance for best results. That’s also your guitar pickups.


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