Privacy Policy

Alen Geere keeps personal information of the customer and the visitors in accordance with the privacy policy of all e-commerce sites. Your personal information (your name, e-mail, shipping address, phone number, orders and the products you buy, etc.) is not shared with any other person or organization. All information you give while you're sign up is only accessible to you and just you can change them. It's not possible for someone else to asset or change info about you.

Your credit card info you use for your purchases is not keept in the site database. Yout credit card info is forwarded to the relevant banking units for the purpose of the provision by 128 bit SSL encryption protocol.

Alen Geere never sees the credit card information!

Your products are shipped by Turkish National Postal Service. Alen Geere never shares your shipping and tracking info by anyone unless you desire.

You can cancel your membership at anytime you want. Alen Geere never stores your info in the database.