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As we all know, tube amps provide the best sounds at higher volume levels. You start to hear all the richest harmonic overtones at these levels and feel the most dynamic response from the power tubes. If you lower the volume, you never get the excellent saturated power tube sound. Preamp tube distortion and power tube distortion sounds different and many guitarists prefer the natural overdriven tone of their “cranked up” tube amps, especially when the power tubes are being driven hard.

However, the volume level at this point is often too loud to play in small venues, rehearsal studios and also at home. While the cranked amplifier may sound good and feel good to you, it might not be tolerable by people around you and the most importantly, it can cause permanent hearing damage to you after a while. That's where the Watt Killer comes into play.

Watt Killer is a power attenuator that we designed to get the great “cranked up” sound of a tube amplifier at reasonable volume levels. It allows you to drive your tube amp harder and keep the desired tone without blasting your ears and disturbing anyone.

It takes its place in the signal chain between your tube amp and speaker, and reduces the output power before it reaches the speaker. Watt Killer Mk.4 can safely handle a fully cranked 100 Watt tube amp. It is still safe to use with tube amplifiers up to 150 Watt, but the amplifier should not be fully cranked. Also compatible with all common output-speaker impedance options. (2-4-8-16 ohm).

You can keep the output volume of your amplifier as high as you want and control the actual volume in the room by adjusting the attenuation level on the Watt Killer, like a “master volume” control that sets the overall volume level of the speaker.

When you use Watt Killer at its maximum attenuation level (4), it lowers the volume as ~35 dB.

Please note that SPL (sound pressure level) in Decibels and output power in Watts terms are in an interaction by logarithmically. Even a cranked 1 Watt amp sounds loud. You should know that you need neighbors that can tolerate you while playing tube amp in your house, although Watt Killer.

The low frequency response of human hearing is seriously reduced at low volumes. This is the top reason why amps played quietly not sound so good, except the power tube saturation and the speaker distortion. We also updated the Watt Killer with a low pass filter section in Mk.4 version to compensate the hearing response and fine tune the overall sound.

The line output provides a line level unbalanced signal and can be used to feed the PA mixer or active stage monitor in live session and create more audio options, or to record an additional channel in the studio and then process it with Impulse Response. Line level output should only be used when a loudspeaker is connected. Watt Killer does not work like a dummy load - load box.

Watt Killer is a passive device and does not require an external power supply. The cooling fan operates by the audio signal current that feeds the loudspeaker, provided by the amp. It is normal that it only works while playing.

Finally, Watt Killer just “kills” the output power of your amp, not your dynamics, tonal quality or feeling. You will get almost the same tone as when you were playing the amp at full volume, but not that loud. Now you can have the power tube distortion tone at any volume you want. Also make sure, there is no way to get the tone you get with the Watt Killer by using any pedal.

The package includes 1 mt. speaker connection cable.

Watt Killer Mark IV


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